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The coaching sessions with Lauren helped more than I thought possible. I knew I felt incredibly stuck where I was, dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss and unsure how to move forward. I did not know how to help myself, but right from the start Lauren was able to help me clarify my own intentions and practice getting to the root of what I wanted and needed to do. Her coaching style was always welcoming and kind, but she also kept me accountable when I committed to something. Our coaching conversations have helped me identify ways for me to use my feelings and vulnerability to be more authentic in both my professional and personal life. My problems haven't disappeared, but working with Lauren has helped me navigate past those "stuck" feelings and practice ways of moving forward in a way that is true to me.


I was “stuck” in a toxic job, in my journey to become a mom, and with a paralyzing case of imposter syndrome. Lauren was exactly what I needed. After just six coaching sessions I was able to make significant beneficial changes in my life. Our sessions helped me to heal from my challenges related to fertility, gave me the confidence to leave my job and start my own consulting business, and allowed me to create the space I needed in my life to land a job I truly wanted. Lauren’s authentic and supportive approach makes it easy to be vulnerable and go deep enough to discover what you really want and what might be standing in your way. I truly do not know if I would be where I am today without her, and genuinely give her the absolute strongest possible recommendation for all those who are feeling, “stuck.”

Julie M.
(Education and Mental Health Executive)

Lauren is more than a coach. She is a friend. A friend who meets you wherever you are in life, listens to your goals, holds you accountable, then helps you to help yourself get to where you want to be. She’s better than Anderson Cooper when it comes to ‘keeping you honest.’ She keeps you real…something that, believe it or not, is very hard to conceptualize at first, let alone do. The good news is that Lauren is there with you every step of the way; creating a safe space for vulnerability and truth. I’ll forever be thankful for the lessons gleaned —thanks to her coaching and friendship!

(Media & Entertainment Professional)

Lauren is an excellent coach. In our sessions, she asked questions for me to dig deeper into issues and forced me to think of the other persons’ point of view. She helped me work on being a better leader and to identify my leadership style. I 100% recommend Lauren for anyone who is looking to be a better leader and advance in their career.

(Tax Professional)

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