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Who Am I?

Lauren Levine 

Transition Coach & Founder

Doing The Unstuck

I am an empathetic transition coach who isn't afraid to use humor, backbone and heart.

I spent 20 years living in NYC and working in the Corporate Media & Entertainment industry where I implemented a variety of employee & technology initiatives while coaching a wide range of clients through the stress and ambiguity of work and life. After living through my own professional "in-between" while working through a complicated company acquisition, I was faced with the question I continued to ask myself even as an adult...what do I want to be when I grow up? At 40, I learned it was not too late to self-reflect, experiment and be bold. It never is. And so I did.

I was certified as a professional coach after participating in a year long program at the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, California. After spending time coaching internal and external clients through their own transition and fear of the unknown, I realized I was feeling energy and passion at the idea of taking a risk to build my own coaching practice but I still felt stuck as I thought about leaving behind the comfort of an organization I called home for two decades. I worked with many wonderful transition coaches during this time and ultimately did the inner work I needed to do to make the decision to leave. And again, so I did.

I spent a lot of time Doing The Unstuck myself and I have dedicated this coaching practice to support other professionals through this highly emotional, often complicated and just plain old frustrating place (that we all find ourselves in from time to time) which often impacts our work performance but is not always discussed.

About Me: About Me

But Who Am I Really?

A few fun (and not so fun) facts about no particular order:

Do I look familiar? People often feel they know me before they actually know me. I get that all the time.

I have been a Hudson Institute Certified Coach since 2018 and have recently become a Compassionate Bereavement Care Certified Provider, focusing on the art of traumatic grief counseling.

I live in Hell's Kitchen NYC with my geeky tech husband (who is my toughest client) and our two crazy little dogs, Jimmy and Enzo.

I named this company Doing The Unstuck after a song by The Cure, a band which reminds me of my best childhood friends who I still love with all my heart.

I am a daughter, a sister, a neighbor and a friend who values her community and is often the go-to for those in crisis.

I have learned to be a better human being by becoming a coach.

I am a recovering people fixer. I prefer to ask questions now rather than give advice.

I embrace vulnerability and I am unafraid to share parts of myself with the world, even if it is painful.

I am a woman who has been through the ups and downs of fertility struggles, surrogacy and pregnancy loss. I have met many others who share this pain but don't always have the courage to speak. So I speak for those who cannot.

I am a mother who lost her first son 5 days after he was born 14 weeks early in 2019. And then lost her second son in 2021 when he, too, was born prematurely and lived long enough to take just one breath. That changes a person. That changes everyone and everything around a person. I understand. And although I have made the choice to no longer pursue having another child, I courageously find the strength to honor my grief and finding meaning in my loss by coaching others who have been through it, too. Sharing heals.

I love to cook. And I love a good coffee.

I have a thing about labels and putting people in boxes. I do understand that assessments and tools have a place in this line of work but I prefer a more customized approach.

As a coach, I've been told I have "funky, punky energy" that is not always typical. I like that.

I am open-minded, honest and willing to tactfully say what needs to be said.

I feel the world very deeply.

I try.

About Me: About
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