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Doing The Unstuck Coaching Approach

Before a coaching engagement begins, initial conversations will take place to learn more about the potential work and to ensure that the "fit" between coach and client is right.  Mutual trust and respect is extremely important in ensuring a successful Doing The Unstuck engagement so appropriate time is spent making sure the chemistry is there. 

A typical engagement lasts 6-12 months and consists of bi-monthly 60-90 min sessions. The sessions are virtual or in-person in NYC (with email / text support in between).  Initial goals are established, session logistics are agreed upon and then the real work begins. 

Doing The Unstuck coaching engagement is hard work but it can be explained in 3 simple steps; Identify, Untangle, Choose


Step 1: Identify


Step 2: Untangle

Step 3: Choose

What's Going On?

We start with candid one on one coaching sessions to get to know each other and build deep trust.  Through deep discussion and greater awareness, clients begin to identify what is troubling them, where they are stuck or what behaviors they want to change.  It may take a few sessions to work together to refine the true issue that the client wants to address and to develop clear goals to define success.

What's Really Going on?

This is where we spend most of our time.  Through ongoing discussions, feedback, customized exercises and action plans, clients begin to really understand themselves and can formulate a personal approach to getting unstuck. Clients are held accountable to these commitments but coaches are partners, not teachers or parents, and will not reprimand if work is not done.

So Now What?

Here is where clients begin to feel the benefits of their hard work.  Decisions are made, new plans are established and clients take accountability to themselves and move forward where they were previously stuck.  The coaching engagement will come to an end and success will be measured based on agreed upon goals co-developed at the start.

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