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Doing The Unstuck

Coaching Through The In-Between

Doing The Unstuck is a customized coaching experience developed for clients living through challenging times or complicated work/life transitions. It’s coaching within that “in-between” place we all find ourselves in at times, the tangled, frustrating and often uncomfortable space where decisions are needed and answers seem exciting yet impossible.

The name Doing The Unstuck was inspired by a song from The Cure. The lyrics are surprisingly inspirational but the song still has a dark vibe and is sung by one of the saddest sounding bands on the planet. It is a good reminder that human beings can feel opposite things at the same time which adds even more complexity to decision-making.

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Sample Engagements 

Each client is unique and so each coaching engagement is customized, but specialized areas of focus for Doing The Unstuck include:

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Who Benefits from Doing The Unstuck Coaching?

Clients who benefit the most from Doing The Unstuck coaching are those who find themselves in that in-between space and who are open to self-reflection, open dialogue and a commitment to the work. They are unafraid to get real and be challenged to think deeply.

Many progressive organizations are seeing the value in proactively providing a dedicated coach to partner with their employees during professional or personal transitions.

Employees working through a significant transition may not be as productive as they previously were, or as they think they are. Even an exciting new role can bring out their inner critic and create mental road blocks to success. They are often private about it and their colleagues may be unaware that they are suffering in silence. Distractions are inevitable, triggers in the workplace are probable, home life may be just as challenging and the fear of not being able to talk openly is likely…but being forced to talk is worse. These pressures often lead to a change in productivity, a lack of confidence in decision-making and various team morale issues. 

Providing a coaching engagement for employees during these critical times will allow them the time and space needed to develop greater self-awareness, support key decision-making and allow them to engage with the organization more productively.

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Want to learn more about Doing The Unstuck or talk more about your specific coaching needs? Please reach out with questions or to schedule a free consult.

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